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Charlottesville VA-  September 10, 2018


Welcome to Tree Matrix!  We are a next-generation tree preservation company, and we are going to change the way you think about tree preservation and planting. By using Tree Matrix you can save time, money, and the heartache of a planting gone wrong. Our founder is Keith Pitchford, an ISA certified arborist who saw two large problems, predictable and reliable tree preservation, and selecting the right tree or shrub for different landscape planning conditions.  The challenge of predictable tree preservation during constructions is that, up until now, root damage leading to tree death has been on a case by case basis, and not rooted in science. With our Predictive Analytics Engine we use a mathematical algorithm that gives you the ability to predict the impact to tree’s root zones with survivability scores for each tree before and during the construction process. You have the ability to save multiple site plan versions and run reports to help you quickly identify the best building placement.


The second problem we solve is helping you select the right tree or shrub for your planting conditions with our Landscape Planning Tool. A few important factors that go into helping you choose the right plant for your location are maturity size, sun demands, growth rate, and planting conditions. Mature tree size affects where you can plant certain species, trees are categorized in in four levels of height, selecting the correct tree height is essential for long-term planning. Sun Demand is important to address because trees range from taking full sun, to thriving only in mostly shade. The growth rate in different species are drastically different and fitting the right growth rate to your needs can help prevent issues down the line.  Planting conditions is one of the most important factors in ensuring you have healthy trees this is done by giving accurate information about the rooting area. Our website guides you through the selection process with a simple, yet powerful list of questions and a database of over 1,300 plants and growing.   


In addition to removing uncertainty from tree preservation, Tree Matrix works to retain the enormous value that trees add to residential and commercial property.  We feel as though it is our duty help preserve trees worldwide because they are crucial to the survival of all life on earth. Tree Matrix is here to help you preserve your valuable assets, eliminate the guesswork, and pick the perfect tree every time. We hope you will join us and start saving trees!


With pricing options starting at $39 a month we are a tool for businesses of all sizes and home owners.