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Critical Root Zone
Root Plate

The TreeSaver Tool in Action

Click the 'Select' button below to launch either the TreeSaver Tool (Predictive Analytics Engine) or Plant Wizard (Landscaping Planning Tool)

The TreeSaver Tool  

Predict the chances of survival before you make a change

Upload your existing site plan drawings into our TreeSaver Tool and see real-time survivability scores for each tree

Adjust plans to preserve for optimal growth and value

Save multiple site plan versions and run reports to quickly and easily identify the optimal building placement to save your trees

NEW!Root Plotter saves you time

The new root plotter automatically manipulates a tree's anticipated root zone around pre-existing structures, giving you a more accurate survival score faster.

The Plant Wizard


Plant the optimal tree based on:


Mature Size We categorize trees in four levels of height, ranging from ornamental to large. Selecting the right tree height is essential for long-term planning for your commercial or residential project.


Sun Demands Trees range from taking full sun, to thriving only in mostly shade. Knowing the right tree for your sun conditions will ensure you are not replacing it in five years.


Growth Rate Different species have drastically different growth rates. Fitting the right growth rate to your needs can help avoid a lot of headaches down the road.


Planting Conditions Accurately measuring the available rooting area is one of the most important factors in keeping your trees healthy for years to come.


Our The Plant Wizard is easy to access through any mobile device.


Plant Wizard


48 Hour Access
  • Pick the right plant for the right location
  • 48 hour access to the Plant Wizard
  • 1,200 Trees & Shrubs

Recommended Plan

One Year License


Per Month
$1,788 Total
  • Unlimited access to the TreeSaver Tool & Plant Wizard
  • 40% Savings over monthly
  • License Is Per User

Three Month License


Per Month
$597 Total
  • Unlimited access to both the TreeSaver Tool & Plant Wizard
  • 20% Savings over monthly
  • License Is Per User

One-Month License


One Month Access
  • One month access to use the TreeSaver Tool & Plant Wizard
  • License Is Per User

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