Tree Matrix Has Transformed Tree Preservation.

This is how we help with tree preservation planning:

  • Mathematics-Based Predictive Analytics Software
  • Multi-Factor Algorithm for Tree Survival
  • Peer-reviewed Algorithm
  • Proprietary Root Plotter Tool
  • Easy to use PDF Format
  • Announcing: GIS Mapping and Layers

Current Practices Are Flawed

For years, tree survival prediction has been based only on percentage of root zone loss. Compounding the problem, root zones have been inaccurately depicted as perfect circles. Tree Matrix founders changed this dynamic by identified four additional key factors for tree survival and by dramatically improving root zone mapping. The result is a uniquely scientific and accurate prediction of tree survival.

The Key To Predicting Tree Survival:

Accurate Root Zone Prediction

Root systems are not perfect circles, they adapt to hardscapes such as structures on deep footings or engineered roads. Simply put, to estimate root system loss, you must know where the roots are.

Perfect Circles vs Tree Matrix Root Plotter

Circular Root Zone Depiction


On most site plans, root systems are shown as perfect circles. This method is unscientific and misleading.  The example shows a root zone drawn as a perfect circle, where roots are shown to extend under buildings and hardscapes. 

The result is that root system loss is depicted as just 15%. At this low level of root loss, a tree might survive.

Tree Matrix 'Root Plotter'


When boundaries to root growth are correctly outlined, the Tree Matrix Root Plotter depicts a more accurate root growth pattern.  Because of the influence of hardscapes in this example, the Root Plotter predicts the same disruption would damage 38% of the root zone.

Tree Matrix Root Plotter predicts a 38% root loss, which can be highly impactful to most trees.

See Tree Matrix in Action

Key Benefits To Using Tree Matrix

Five Factor Algorithm

Our algorithm is derived from over 35 years of tree preservation experience, peer reviews and the most modern research into our 5 factor algorithm. It is validated by world reknowned experts.

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Mapping Root Zones

The root plotter depicts the most accurate root growth patterns based on physical barriers to root expansion. In order to accomplish this the user must identify these barriers.

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Understanding Survival Scores

The Tree Matrix algorithm uses five parameters that affect the long-term survivability of trees following construction. The formula produces a score as a percent likelihood of survival. The range is from 0-100%. Here are the likely results given a particular survival score:

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Adjusting Plans for Survivability

Four of the five factors can be altered to increase survivability likelihood. Root zone loss can be reduced, tree condition can be improved, the season of impact altered and the number of 'sides' impacted around the tree can be adjusted.

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Take the Uncertainty out of Tree Preservation Planning

The lots shown here were sold as "wooded." However, within 3 years, this grove of protected trees died from poor preservation planning. Ensure that your trees survive construction impacts by using the Tree Matrix root plotter and 5-factor algorithm. Tree Matrix combines science and mathematics to provide certainty in tree preservation planning.

Planning With Certainty Creates These Results...

The house on the right was built 5 years before this picture was taken. All of the large trees remain alive thanks to planning with Tree Matrix.

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