How Tree Matrix Works

Step 1

Upload Site Plan

Upload PDF site plan and choose plan scale

Predict tree survival from root disruption with unparalleled accuracy. Our Predictive Analytics Engine will overlay your development plan and instantly compute survival scores for each disrupted tree.

Step 2

Add Existing Structures

Identify boundaries that will redirect root growth

Easily overlay structures on the site plan. Root zones adapt around existing structures. Proposed structures that impact root zone are reflected in tree survival score.

Root systems adapt to existing structures

As existing boundaries are added from your plan, the Tree Matrix Root Plotter will adjust the root zones to reflect growth around these existing structures.

Existing Boundaries Include:

  • Building foundations.
  • Retaining walls with deep footing.
  • Highly engineered roadways.
  • Large paved surfaces like parking lots.

Step 3

Add Trees

Place tree markers on plan and specify tree details

Drag-drop tree markers on site plan, and enter tree type, trunk diameter, season of impact to roots and other factors. Tree Matrix calculates predicted root zone area and visually plots the root system as an overlay for each tree added.

Step 4

Add New Development Plan

Add plan for new structures and development

Easily place proposed structures on your plan, and as they impact root zones, Tree Matrix will show the endangered root system in red and adjust the survival score.

After placing new structures, you may wish to adjust the "Sides Impacted" parameter on any trees whose root zone is impacted. Tree survival rates decline if two or more of the four sides of the root zone are damaged. You can change the properties on each tree to reflect the lateral sides of the root zone which are blocked or destroyed by new structures.

Step 5

Add Utility Alignment and Grading

Add any structures that impact roots

Tree Matrix makes it easy for you to add any barriers such as utility lines or other disruptions to the root systems and gauge their impact.

Step 6

Assess Survival Scores

Instant tree survival score calculations

The Predictive Analytics Engine computes the adjusted Tree Survival Score as a percentage (0-100%).

Survival gauges for each tree display the score, and three survival zone colors help to highlight tree survivability. Green (survival predicted), yellow (survival at risk), and red (survival unlikely).

Step 7

Adjust Plan For Survivability

Easily adjust proposed boundaries

Edit mode allows for easy adjustments to proposed structural boundaries, which can limit the root zone disruption.

Make adjustments to proposed development and structures and immediately see its adjusted score.

You can also save multiple versions of the same plan to demonstrate different impacts based on structure changes.

Step 8

Print Survivability Report

Print and share your Certified Survival Report.

Your tree survivability scores are backed by our peer-reviewed algorithm and over 30 years of arboristry experience.

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