Trees Are Math!

A Tree Survival Formula Designed by Arborists


Trees As Fractals

Da Vinci on Trees

In the fifteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci hypothesized that trees are configured in a mathematical pattern termed a fractal. This means that the total cross-section of a tree remains the same along its height every time it branches. Therefore, the cross-sectional area of the twigs is equal to the volume of the branches, and that the area of the branches is equal to the limbs that they attached to, and onwards. So that if all the branches were compressed together against the trunk, the result would be a straight cylinder.  Da Vinci's drawings were meant to guide artists in accurately depicting trees.  But, modern research suggests that these formulas may apply to root patterns.  As this research evolves, Tree Matrix will incorporate these findings to better anticipate root growth patterns.  This will enhance our predication models.  Stay tuned.

Math Describes Life

Trees share this mathematical basis, or formula, with other organisms including the math behind the spiral shell of the nautilus, the structure of a pinecone or even the density of cabbage. Much of nature has a basis in math!

Math Can Help Us Save Trees

It stands to reason, then that math can help us save trees. Why should the arboricultural industry limit its analysis of tree impacts to just the percentage of a critical root zone lost? There are other factors that go into determining how trees will respond to root loss impacts. These factors are the basis for the Tree Matrix approach to tree protection.

Peer Reviewed Tree Survival Prediction Formula

Arborist Designed

Tree Matrix tree survival scores are powered by our U.S. Patent protected Predictive Analytical Engine (PAE) an algorithm developed by Keith Pitchford, ISA Certified Arborist, Washington D.C., with his 35 years of consulting on arboriculture and tree preservation projects. The PAE is peer reviewed by our oustanding board members, and is also based on the most recently published research relevant to the five parameters

A Quest For Precision

The Tree Matrix tree survival algorithm was awarded a U.S. Patent for its innovative and scientific approach to predicting, displaying and mitigating root zone disruptions.  There are no other sites like this that can accurately predict tree preservation success.   Most methodologies are limited in their scope, and therefore inaccurate and misleading.

More Than Just Root Loss

U.S. Patent Protected Formula

Multifactor Analysis

Five equally important parameters of tree preservation are considered by the PAE. They calculate the likelihood of trees surviving the impacts of root loss during the critical 3-5 year period following impacts. The user can manipulate the parameters to optimize preservation potential.

Patented Algorithm

The Tree Matrix algorithm and process was awarded a U.S. Patent for its innovative and scientific approach to predicting, displaying and mitigating root zone disruptions.