Arborist Designed to Predict Tree Survival

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Introducing Tree Matrix

Urban Tree Preservation Reinvented

Tree Matrix brings a complex, multi-factor algorithm to a simple point and click interface, to help Municipalities create next-level preservation plans based on Arborist expertise.

Multifactor Survival Analysis

  • Accurately assess the viability of tree preservation plans.
  • Provide the ability to suggest design changes to increase survivability scores.
  • Tree Matrix can alter the underlying algorithm to reflect your standards

Arborist Designed

  • Peer Reviewed Formula
  • Based on 30 years of tree preservation experience
  • Site review services to confirm accuracy. Contract based.

Ease of Integration

  • Tree Matrix can integrate our software into your municipal website
  • Enterprise pricing based on number of users
  • Take the uncertainty out of preservation planning

Improve Your Tree Preservation Planning Today

Tree Matrix Pricing