Arborist Designed to Predict Tree Survival

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Introducing Tree Matrix

For Homeowners

Tree Survival = Property Value

Tree Matrix brings a complex, multi-factor algorithm to a simple point and click interface, to help homeowners create next-level preservation plans based on Arborist expertise.

Tree Matrix Survival Score

Predict the potential impact from development to your tree. Our PAE can help to anticipate the damage to your trees from neighboring development activity. It can also help you plan any new construction activity on your own property to save your trees!

  • Challenge the assumptions of neighboring developers when they predict little, to no, impact to your trees.
  • Retain important property assets
  • Anticipate damage to your trees that may take 3-5 years to be exhibited.
  • An easy to use PDF format.
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Arborist Designed

Tree Matrix was designed by arborist's and our peer-reviewed algorithm packs over 30 years of top-flight client work and empirical observations into an easy to use web-based tool.

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Point and Click Ease

Just upload your plan, choose any scale, indicate existing and new structures that may impact a tree, drop tree's on the map - and instantly receive an Arborist Certified survival score.

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Tree Matrix Plant Wizard

Our Plant Wizard can help pick the best plant for your planting location.

  • Avoid costly planting mistakes by putting the wrong plant in a good location.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses to maintain plants planted in the wrong location
  • Easy to use search engine.
  • Photographs of each plant are available.

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Tree Matrix Pricing